A Surprise Wedding a Wedding in Bolonia Alberto’s surprise wedding for Macarena.

When we started with the whole wedding planning process we knew it was not going to be easy, (but Alberto guided us very cleverly); We were instructed not to contact him directly, we could not raise Macarena’s suspicion, we did not want to spoil the surprise. In order to communicate with Alberto we had to send him an email arranging a day and time to speak, we had to wait for Alberto’s response , even modifying the day and time, or he would calle us directly when he found the right moment, we had to be very cautious with the communication.

We warned all providers of this factor, I am usually very emphatic in general, you should imagine the nagging to the videographer, catering, music group, photo booth, etc., I left nothing to chance, so they were all duly advised and delighted to participate in such a beautiful wedding.

Alberto who was very much in love and wanting to offer the best to his fiancée, he had in mind every comment that Macarena made to him when they were invited to friends’ weddings, always paying attention to their tastes and style, he said to me “Toñi Macarena likes ……” , would love this”…. It would be great if we could have this decoration, this little sign, etc, “Macarena because “I know that Macarena likes it”. It was precise in every detail to plan, the most important thing was to please Macarena. We all know how the bride is the centre of attraction and that challenged us every day with the responsibility but enjoyed it at the same time.

You also have to imagine the amount of work that Alberto did, I am sure he had all the guests under death threat
Macarena couldn’t become suspicious, there were 120 guests at the wedding, yet I was still surprised that none of them slipped up, some of the guests were Macarena’s colleagues, all the guests at this wedding are incredible people who certainly knew how to keep the secret right to the wedding day. A friend and also Macarena’s colleague mentioned to me on the wedding day that just the day before they had both been working and Macarena had told her that Alberto had gifted her some KiteSur classes in Bologna, Tarifa on Saturday, and that she did not know if she was going to do well, for her it would be the first time, her friend told her: “well if you are not good at it, I am sure that despite of that you will have a great time”,Macarena replied “surely I will have a great time”. I attest she really did have a good time, she was not taught KiteSur, it was even better 😉

Now I will tell you how it was the great day for Macarena and Alberto on their wedding day; In the morning the bride and groom arrived in Bolonia, they arrived a little earlier than the Kitesur class was about to commence (this was just a the bait to take her to Bolonia), as I said they arrived a little earlier, and they walked along the beach, that was when Alberto asked her in Marriage, Macarena, all happy, said “Yes!” and they continued walking along the beach, Alberto guided her to the place where the wedding would take place that same day. Meanwhile Alberto was looking for a place to contact me, to check the buses had already arrived with all the guests, coordinating with me if it was the right time to take Macarena to the beach Chiringuito where the wedding would be taking place, so walking together holding hands they approached the Chiringuito, there were all the guests eager to see them arrive, and at the precise moment where both the bride and groom and the guests could recognise each other in the distance, there was a cry l of war from the guests, it was something spontaneous and wonderful, Macarena placed her hands on her face, and she almost dropped her knees to the sand, the joy, the nerves, her smile said it all, she was delighted and Yes! she had said yes to Alberto and had said yes !! to get married on that same day, right there at that moment, it was all emotion, smiles, hugs and many kisses, the exultant guests, Alberto was beside himself with joy, and Macarena was the happiest woman in the world. We allowed them an hour to get changed and look awesome, while the Catering offered drinks, and a wonderful cocktail was served to everyone before the Ceremony commenced whilst awaiting for the bride and groom.

Everything that happened afterwards was incredible, a wedding full of joy and laughter, everything meticulously planned and at the same time full of surprises for the Bride.

When I think of Macarena’s surprise wedding on my retina, colour, salt and fun returns.

The photos will tell you more than I can write in this post.