Integral Wedding Organisation

Many of you ask us what our job entails, and we always tell you that we take care of the organisation of your wedding from start to finish; From the first moment we meet until the wedding date, so that, you do not have to worry about small or big details, we are here to assist you in the entire process of organising your wedding and we put at your disposal all our knowledge and experience as a wedding planner with more than ten years organising weddings, to make your wedding more exciting, beautiful and fun.

How does it work?

Imagine your wedding

The first thing we like to hear from you is how you imagine your wedding, what you have in mind and what you have dreamed of for your big day, there are no impossible dreams, we have a plan for you and that is to create your personalised wedding.

We create a budget

We create a budget based on your guests, wedding style, chosen area and season of the year, the expenditure ceiling is set by you, but it is always important to control each and every one of the expenses.

We plan several meetings

We will plan one or several meetings to get to know the wedding venues and weddings on the beach, charming and unique places, everything will depend on your tastes. We work on the entire coast of Cádiz and the entire coast of Malaga.

Choose the Venue

On these visits we will show you each venue on site, its characteristics, experiences lived from previous weddings, and we will provide you with endless details so that with all the information at your fingertips you can make one of the most difficult decisions “choose the venue”

Agenda & Check List

We have an agenda and we will be making a check list, there are many thing to do in a wedding and not all of them have to be done at once, nor can we forget any of them. In accordance with this agenda and the program of your wedding day we will inform you of the steps to be taken at the time, so let go of the stress.

Payment Planning

We will notify you when the time comes to make the payments, you will see that for us it is very important that you enjoy the whole process and that it is not burdensome or overwhelming.


Advice is important, we will not leave you alone in decision making, of course it is your wedding and that is what matters, but we can assist you by advising on the advantages or disadvantages of day wedding or evening wedding, schedules, documentation for civil ceremonies etc


At your fingertips we will put you in contact with the best professionals in the wedding sector, and although you may already be counting on the services from a professional you already know we will be delighted to collaborate with them, we will keep in touch throughout the organisation and you will obviously always have the option to speak directly with each supplier , please note that for us transparency is very important.

Your wedding planning

We will begin to create the planning of your wedding with you from the first moment , step by step we will work on what will happen at each step of the wedding day, we will commence to organise the contracted providers,the schedules, surprises, singers, etc., nothing will be left to chance.

Coordinated the Event

Several weeks prior to the wedding, we will have a meeting with all the professionals involved in the event, we will coordinate with each supplier and we will review assembly schedules, necessary material and the entire technical part of the wedding.

One week before the Wedding

A week before the wedding, we will review the planning with you either by phone or in a personal meeting, reviewing every minute of your wedding day, payments, table distribution (if there is) and the changes you may want to make at the last minute , to outline every detail.

The wedding day

The big day has finally arrived and we will be there working for you. Let’s coordinate with the different providers, assemblies, catering, decoration, tents, stages, transfers of guests, etc etc, we want your wedding day to be relaxed and intensely enjoying every minute with your friends and family, giving your all in a great epic party without worries, we will take care of every detail.

Decoration and Design of Civil Ceremony

Each couple is different, therefore, each wedding is special. Our task is to assist those who make us accomplices of in their stories and, therefore, capture their essence and project it into the creation of their dream wedding.

As decorators, it is very important to reflect on that unique day the personality of each couple, getting to know you is an essential part to build your story and design the ceremony of your dreams. We tailor design your wedding, we love to personalise each event, either a Beach Wedding or a Boho Chic ceremony, whatever your style, dare to have the wedding you have always dreamed of , just as you want it to be.

Decoration in a wedding is an essential part, taking care of each area of ​​the event is the best way to impress your guests, being faithful to your style, to that design that you have in mind, we will make sure that everything looks impressive.

Coordination of day “B”

In an event of such magnitude, there are many details that must be controlled. We know your concern that everything turns out perfect and the mission of our team is to make the process flow properly to materialise the dream you have wished for so long. If you have planned the wedding, our Coordination service on your wedding day will carry out the execution, ensuring excellent logistics and production, without losing sight of the most important detail: that you live your big day to the fullest.

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