Boda en el Palmar de Vejer

A wedding full of fun and colour: Selena and Steffen’s big day.

Selena and Steffen are a special, unconventional couple, one of those that attract attention for their style and personality. She is from Algeciras (Spain) and he is from Germany, but they currently live in Switzerland. They met one day by chance when Steffen was on vacation in southern Andalusia, and Cupid did the rest.

The couple

Selena opted for a design that was very consistent with her style and essence, a sleeveless flamenco dress from “Los Trajes del Sastre Ibu”. A design that combined with “Cosa Fina” accessories and a most original bouquet, a paper bouquet made by the “Mariblú team”, and which attracted attention for being so exotic and colourful. Without a doubt, one of the most unique bouquets that I have seen.

Steffen, was faithful to its land and its origins and married in the typical costume of the Tyrol, regional costume in leather and hunter’s green.

Ceremony and banquet

Selena and Steffen said “yes, I do” at the end of the summer season, on September 7, 2019. The place chosen to live the great event was Villa El Palmar and for all the decoration and organisation of the marriage they had Toñi Orihuela’s professional talent.

A wedding that splashed out on joy, happiness and fun at all times. The theme chosen by the bride and groom was “countries of the world”, hence the costume of the guests, and was held in a large bedouin tent of earth colour. A casual wedding that took place on the beach with an emotional ceremony on the sand.

Due to the  weather the ceremony could not be held on the beach, hence the professional, Toñi Orihuela, organised it inside the palapa. We installed a green overlay on the altar, Chinese umbrellas on the ceiling making a reference to Asia, wooden chairs, jute rug, and bronze lamps on the rug.

The wedding was full of fun and colour. On the outside we put different corners of the world marked with posters  such as the Tekila corner in honour of Mexico, this was a Mexican corner with shots of tequila, an African corner, an Arab corner, another Spanish corner with a ham cutter, a pretty Manila cloak and a Cordovan hat . For the  youngest guests there was an animation, by the hand of Little Prince Animations, and they put a great Tipi making a reference to original American tribes. Everything was beautiful, it looked like something out of a movie!

The wedding was a cocktail and they combined high and low tables made of recycled wood with chairs with the different seasons around, and all the attendees enjoyed a great barbecue, in addition to the exquisite dishes of “Catering”. The Toñi Orihuela team prepared the Candy Bar and the bride and groom brought different flavour chocolates  from Switzerland.Music was present throughout the wedding; they hired the services of Grupo Awamba, DJ Antonio Merino and Annya Electric Violin who played with him throughout the banquet.

Love is always expressed in an unique and special way, and Selena and Esteffen lived the happiest day of their lives thanks to Toñi Orihuela, whose objective is to assist the bride and groom and capture their essence to project it in the creation of their dream wedding.

It doesn’t matter what type of wedding you have in mind; on the beach, in the middle of a forest, on a hillside with an incredible sunset or in your favorite city of the world. Toñi Orihuela will be there from minute one to guide you and help you fulfill your dreams. She will walk hand in hand with you and offer you the best suppliers in the sector to make your wedding a success, like Selena and Steffen’s.